We are an innovative productions agency equipped to deliver fully integrated digital media messaging through any channel!

Integrated. Creative. Parallel

What We Do

We are a team of creative experts that are dedicated to building long lasting branding identities for local and national media companies through the use of integrated marketing. In the fast paced world of technology it is easy for media companies to get lost or left behind from the newest and latest trends.

That's where DGTLshopper comes in... to connect the dots, leaving the companies we work with to focus on the job they do best, while we help their branding and long-term profitability thrive. Our team of professional strategists will work in parallel with your current infrastructure to create effective messaging to expand the engagement of your audience online, on air, and in the minds of your loyal followers.

Integrated. Creative. Parallel.

Integrated (in·te·grat·ed) – To make into a whole by bringing all parts together.  DGTLshopper believes in this whole heartedly as the most effective branding is the ability to seamlessly unify our marketing platforms with the pre-existing media messaging our partners have already established.

Creative (cre·a·tive) – Having the ability to create, characterized by originality of thought and imagination. DGTLshopper understands each day brings new large challenges and ongoing time constraints for our media partners, which often times leads to the inability to create. This is the quintessential piece that ensures the growth of our partners against the competition. We help to create effective branding, messaging, and technology while you continue to focus on the daily operations of your business.

Parallel (par·al·lel) – Being an equal distance apart everywhere, and relating to the simultaneous performance of multiple operations.  DGTLshopper believes most strongly in our last defined truth.  The most important service that we provide to the media partners we work with is the ability to keep an equal distance apart from the competition online, on-air, and in the efficiency with which your company is able to scale integrated, creative messaging simultaneously with daily operations.

We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you to achieve your marketing, messaging, and branding goals.